Live from TextDrive!

So we did get the app up and running, visit to have a look, sign up, perhaps even cup a few coffees, and let us know what you think. We did run into one teensy-weensy snag (I believe some call it a "bug"), and so changed a line of code to fix it, but other than that we've found no real show-stoppers so far.

If I find the time, I might scan in some of the notes and mockups we sketched out during the process of building the site. However, I do have a business to attend to, and a RailsConf to go to this next week, so who knows when I'll find the time.

If you, gentle reader, are going to RailsConf as well, you should let me know. I've not personally met many folks in the Rails community, and I'm looking forward to chatting with some of the bright minds who created all these other great projects.

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The Morning After

What I'm going to do now is go have a nice big breakfast at Epicure. Good walk, help to shake off the terrible hung over feeling I have today.

In fact, so tired this morning that I shampoo'd up my hair, and forgot about it in the shower. All the sudden my eyes started burning and I thought, "My God, I'm going blind from staring at the computer for too long!" Turns out it was just the shampoo. Felt good to be 3 years old again.

We'll hopefully have Cuppin' up by the end of the day for everyone to check out and play with. Depends on how this breakfast goes.

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Is it really over?

My gosh, it seemed to go by so quickly… so quickly. All I can say now is that I hope you all enjoy what we made, and we look forward to seeing everyone else's wonderful work. It's been fun, it felt like a community experience even though I just sat directly in front of my computer for about 30 hours in a row. Ah well. Live each day to the fullest, eh?

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One Hour!

Here we go.  Final primping and shining!

We're feeling pretty good about this.  We snuck in a few extra features we weren't counting on!

Back to work.

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The CamelCapsifier

So we decided at some point tonight that what would have been really brilliant, and I mean really brilliant, would be if we kept the whole project that we're actually working on a secret, and instead blogged incessantly about something called the CamelCapsifier.

This is, of course, an online, very Web 2.0, very social networking sort of a thing that lets you put in any amount of text, up to the limits of your browser of course, and get it back CamelCaps! Hey that's great now! Usually, you have to try moving an Instiki wiki or posting something on the Rails wiki to see it CamelCapsified, and even then, it's not always a sure bet. Lots of uncertainty when it comes to proper CamelCapsification.

We're different. What we'd talk about all night was how we were going to revolutionize the field of CamelCapsification. And then suddenly switch projects like one hour before the end of the contest, and show that we'd really been working on something not nearly as stupid.

Maybe next year.

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Three Hours Left?!?

I really can’t believe I haven’t just passed out by now. I should, by all means, have slept. Instead I’m acting up. We went out for a little dinner at the weird Ostrich Tongue restaurant here. I mean, they server things besides that, but they’re somehow known for the Ostrich Tongue. Well, who wouldn’t be? My guacamole tostada isn’t exactly something to bring the kids into town for.

Music: Roy Orbison. We were getting a little frazzled by the uptempo music. Needed something a bit more relaxing, but still upbeat. Less noisy, more musical!

Drink: I can’t even think about having something to drink right now. I think the next thing I drink is going to have to be either another pot of coffee (5?!?) or that wine sitting over there on the counter. But I can’t possibly touch that wine until 9PM or I’m doomed. Doomed I tell you!! 

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Fastest Growing WordPress Blog!

Looks like Cuppin' has the #1 spot on's fastest growing blogs.
Through the haze of sleep deprivation and caffeine induced delirium … that's pretty darned cool!
Number 1!

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So we decided we've reached the point where we need to stop adding features (at least, big ones!) and focus on fixing bugs and cleaning it all up a bit. We're constantly coming up with little improvements to make to it all, and that really is the best thing about working with someone else if you can pull it off. You really get a lot of incremental feedback, which is a good thing if you can still focus.

I suspect it also helps that we're doing very different parts of the project. That's the way I work with Kandace a lot, too. That way you kind of start at each end (Peat, the code, and I, the design) and work toward each other. Once you meet in the middle, you can go back and make sure everything jives and fits in.

Music: We're now listening to Swell, a terrific and highly underrated band from San Francisco. The 90's, I think. Peat really enjoyed The Moog Cookbook I was playing earlier, I recommend it.

Drink: Water. But I think the fourth pot of coffee is on the way. Just a post-lunch hunch. 

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Who Died and Made You Coffee Expert, Anyway?

Peat suggested that I tell y'all a little bit about why I care about coffee. Probably because he's tired of me raving on and on, with that little bit of white spittle in the corner of my mouth that never seems to quite go away. What can I say. Wide awake and alert here! Reporting for duty! Should probably be working on the app, shouldn't I!

Coffee has always been a passion of mine. I've taken part in nine different coffee businesses, from starting them up from scratch, to working at bigger names like Peet's and, of course, Stumptown Coffee Roasters here in Portland. While I never followed that career path long enough, or with enough dedication, to become a roaster, I was always quite interested in what roasters cared about. I've had more of a taste for coffee than wine, or at least more of a talent for tasting the stuff.

But I don't pretend to speak on too much authority. I know too many coffee experts for that. In fact, that's maybe a bit of what makes me a little humble about it. I've been involved with Stumptown since before its first shop opened in a burned-out ex-hair-salon called The Hair Bender. And many of the folks at Stumptown know more about coffee than anyone I've met. And if you know the people who run Stumptown, you know about the coffee industry, and how passionate an industry it is.

I've seen a number of sites dedicated to wine tasting. Wine tasting is something I've never been great at, as I mentioned, but I love tasting it and I love drinking it. Yet I could never find anywhere online to share coffee opinions. But the incredible design of Cork'd, launched a while ago, along with the impetus of Rails Day 2006, brought Peat and I together to whip out the web application I've wanted for years, but could never quite put together. So cheers to Peat, and all of Rails Day and its participants.

We hope you like our little app.

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Junior Senior!

Oh, I've been saving my second wind for this album. Or vice versa. Junior Senior's most excellent first album, D-D-Don't Stop the Beat. This is an album you can't possibly sit still to – maybe even more infectious than the Herb Alpert we listened to about, oh, 300 hours ago I think.

The application is starting to feel coherent to me, from a visual standpoint. The CSS is getting solid, if long, and we're starting to cover pages like the home page when you first visit, after you log in, search results, and all sorts of fancypants stuff like that. 

Drink: We aren't drinking anything but water at the moment. We took a little walk earlier, and that was nice. It looks to be a mellow day in Portland here. Not sure what this has to do with our beverage choice… 

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