Half Way

Well, it's 9 AM, which means we've been at this for 12 hours.  Everything is coming together very nicely, and I have a feeling we'll be able to squeeze in some bells and whistles beyond our original plan before the time is up.

It's good to see the sun again.

Music: Camper Van Beethoven, to whom we dedicate our color scheme.

Drinks: Cold coffee. 

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Time for a short break for breakfast:  home made hashbrowns and eggs, courtesy of Kandace!

In the mean time, it looks like I'm up to #2 on the commit list … I don't expect to be there for long, but I'll bask in the glory while I can.  Ray's uploading some photos, and the music has been turned off while we regroup and consider what's next.

I think we might go for a walk.


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I Must Be Dreaming…

This music makes me feel like I'm in a car commercial from the late fifties. It actually goes pretty well with the visual design we've been trying for. In a weird sort of way. It's light out. The birds are chirping. When's the last time I stayed up so late it became early again?

I'd like to offer some clever lesson, as Peat does in his posts, but no lessons learned here. How could I possibly be this alert at six in the morning, I'd like to know.

Death by CSS box model. Still Herb Alpert playing, and for some reason Peat is taking pictures of this. Someday I'll look back ever so fondly, won't I? Ever so. 

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I Thought I Was Clever …

I like validations. Validations are good! Unfortunately, I haven't worked much with the validates_associated validation, and it's been biting my ass for the last hour. Thank god for Herb Alpert. As soon as I get irritated, The Brass kicks in and takes me to a good place.

Things are truckin' along. The sun is coming back up!

Music: Rockin' the Alpert.

Drink: Cold coffee.

Joints: Starting to ache. This is when sleep dep gets interesting.

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Herb Alpert

We are listening to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Have you ever listened? My gosh, how can you possibly have a care in the world? How can you possibly be worrying about unit testing? You're such a silly programmer! Everything is A-OK, we're listening to Herb Alpert!

And still working on that second pot of coffee. Gotta keep up those commits, boys. Win one for The Gipper, and all that. 

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It Ate My Post

I'm just writing to tell you how pissed I am that my post just got eaten by WordPress. Dammit. It was really funny. Peat kidnapped me, and wouldn't let me go to the bathroom and stuff. It had funny parts, and scary parts, and parts where we made more coffee (Ethiopian Harar Longberry from Stumptown) and got really loopy and I'm not supposed to tell you any more than that.

Music: Peat's treating us to some Mister Bungle. Psychedelic! 

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Ohh …

… I just discovered some Mr. Bungle in my playlist.  I wonder if Ray likes Mr. Bungle.

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Behold, we have a mascot. Cutest mascot in all of Rails Day, I betcha.

Drink: Well we drank a pot of coffee and now we're just running on water. And empty, we're getting hungry again. When will this Rails Day Hell end?!? 

Muzik: I am now forcing poor Peat to listen to live bootlegs of R.E.M. What will I do to him next? Stay tuned. 

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The Grind

Ray's wrangling interface issues, I'm squeezing out templated pages and refactoring the crap out of our models. Have I mention how much I love has_many :through?

Music: Chairs Missing, by Wire

Coffee: Dangerously Low

$ rake stats
| Name                 | Lines |   LOC | Classes | Methods | M/C | LOC/M |
| Helpers              |    52 |    44 |       0 |       6 |   0 |     5 |
| Controllers          |    44 |    34 |       7 |       4 |   0 |     6 |
| Components           |     0 |     0 |       0 |       0 |   0 |     0 |
|   Functional tests   |   108 |    78 |      12 |      18 |   1 |     2 |
| Models               |   114 |    84 |       6 |       7 |   1 |    10 |
|   Unit tests         |    80 |    55 |       6 |       7 |   1 |     5 |
| Libraries            |     0 |     0 |       0 |       0 |   0 |     0 |
|   Integration tests  |     0 |     0 |       0 |       0 |   0 |     0 |
| Total                |   398 |   295 |      31 |      42 |   1 |     5 |
Code LOC: 162     Test LOC: 133     Code to Test Ratio: 1:0.8

Code to Test Ratio: Dropping …

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Four Hours In

Twenty hours to go, and we have the rock and roll.  Literally.  Ray's busting out The Who … and giggling.  It makes me nervous.  I mean, how can I know that he isn't plotting against me?

To take a brief tangent:  back in 2002 I survived 100 hours of no sleep with my best buddy down in New Zealand.  Paranoia and physical violence played a pretty big part of those four days.  I haven't told Ray about that.  I think I'll let him read it here on ye olde' blog.  24 hours isn't as bad as 100, but you never know …

Anyhow, the backend code is falling together well.  The scoring algorithms are done (I think) and I should be done cranking out ugly ass prototypes for the major pages by the end of the next hour.  Woo!

Digg Team Needmore Coffee!

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